2016 01 - Lincoln RB

11th December 2016
Retford & District Photographic Society - Press Release - Joy Allison
1st December 2016
Images by Lincoln RB

Lincoln RB Entertain
President Alan Burkwood welcomed a sizeable attendance from our friends and fellow enthusiasts at Lincoln RB Camera Club. We have an annual fixture when the visiting club entertains and the hosts provides the buffet. This year it was our turn to host RB at Retford. Over the years we have got to know each other and it was good to see old friends.

Eight RB members showed collections of their work; half in print format and the others digitally. First to present was Dave Lavache, an American gentleman, who had adopted Lincolnshire as his home and demonstrated his considerable skill with some striking images. He takes great shots quickly and also creates composite images which produce a pleasing effect. One of the more memorable images of the night was a glamorous pair of legs in red stilettoes topped by a swinging red coat and emphasized by immaculately straight seamed stockings – a ‘grab shot’ as he walked along with his camera – and one much enjoyed by the audience. We wondered how he achieved his night time shot of Lincoln from above and learned that he had braved vertigo on the big wheel at the Christmas Fair.

Next came Michael Hughes who is known for entering external competitions and has recently gained the ARPS distinction we heard about last week. It was with some surprise, then, that we heard he always shoots in the simple jpeg format rather than RAW format generally preferred by most photographers. He prints his own images and uses compatible inks on high street photo paper in preference to specialist products.

His images were quite different to those from Dave. A simple-seeming very symmetrical shot of two pairs of goal posts with the further set inside the nearer had been successful in well-respected exhibitions such as the London Salon. We were amused with a shot he declared entirely genuine aside from some textured overlay at the processing stage. It showed a forlorn car with its front bumper half off and a spare tyre and cone on the roof – nicely set off by the registration letters ‘SAG’

Steve Haw showed a variety of images. of most interest to Retford were a set taken at Ashness Bridge in the Lake District, a very popular photographic subject and one several of our members have shown over the years. His images compared the scene this year and last, showing the tremendous difference in the water flow beneath the bridge. Steve had also captured images somewhat closer to us in Tuxford when visiting the annual Michael Ducksbury Memorial Vintage Tractor Road Run.

Tony Houlden, Chairman of RB, brought the print presentations to an end. He showed a wide variety of subjects which included Shire horse ploughing at Flintham, wild ponies on Dartmoor, seals at Donna Nook, a vintage bus by Lincoln Castle and various stairways. One of his images was of the ‘Weeping Window’ Poppy memorial – not on its visit to Lincoln, but in London.

Brian Hurt began the second half with an interesting composite image of the process of making up a clown. He became interested in Steam Punks as a photographic subject, but got drawn into the scene and began to join in events himself. This opened his way to getting to know the other people who dress up and he treated us to a fascinating series of portraits of them with something of their individual stories. It was a different presentation and one we really enjoyed. It was also good to know that one young design student benefits from collaborating with him as she gets photos to use for her course work.

Hazel Bingham has been to us before and described the work she has done for various courses in photography. She is currently working towards a BA Hons and showed two assignments from her ‘landscape’ module. Used in this sense the term means the world around us rather than the wide format and we saw first a series showing the Tank Memorial roundabout in Lincoln, documenting its design and how people interact with it. This was followed by a series moving ever closer to the cathedral, but showing all the impediments from gates and fences to traffic and people which make the journey a difficult one. Hazel concluded with a lovely image of the cathedral frontage.

Alex, who followed Hazel, first spoke about how he had won a competition on the theme of ‘Britain on Holiday’. We laughed at his winning image showing a couple huddled against the cold and wind on Whitby Pier. Alex was headed to warmer climes with his prize of a camera and a trip with five other regional winners to Cannes for a ‘shoot off’ to determine the overall winner. Each of them was asked to produce a portfolio of 10 images. We enjoyed the diversity of the subjects and the beauty of some of these images. Alex told us that he happily took street shots – before he discovered that it is illegal in France to take photos of people in the street without their permission. A good point for members to note when heading there on holiday. The judges obviously agreed with us as he emerged the overall winner.

Mervyn White brought the evening to a close offering us a choice from his sets of images. We selected the Farnes, where he travelled on ‘Serenity’, the same vessel members have travelled on for our trips there. Mervyn had done well to capture some lovely images of the birds and generously showed several taken by his wife, normally a non-photographer, who had taken a camera to amuse herself and had captured some good shots. We then moved on to shots of minke whales and dolphins before ending the evening with a second series showing power boats.

Alan Burkwood thanked RB for another great evening and his thanks were returned for Retford’s hospitality and excellent buffet. We will gather again in Lincoln next year when the roles will be reversed.